IDAHO 2013

 “May 17th is symbolic due to its significance in the improvement of the status of gays and lesbians rights. IDAHO proposed this date for annually holding a day set aside to fight against homophobia. Borne out of the International Conference on LGBT Community Human Rights held in Montréal from July 26 to 29, 2006, prior to the opening of the first World Out games, the Declaration of Montréal included a recommendation to have an International Day Against Homophobia on May 17  every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) put an end to over a century of homophobia from its lists of diseases, telling the world that Homosexuality is not any kind of disease but normal yet different sexuality preference which was later  recognized internationally.”

To mark difference and to bring wider community in the limelight, with difference, this time the organization is celebrating 17th of May with different programs across Nepal.

 On the same day, we are organizing various programs in Kathmandu at National Theater at Jamal highlighting the issues of LGBTI in Nepal. The program is scheduled at 2 PM. on-wards.

BDS would be extremely grateful if you can make it to the occasion and be a part of our celebration.

Your presence will be highly appreciated.

By bluediamondsociety

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