Why do we need IDAHO?

Friday 17th May,2013 is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia – commonly known as IDAHO. There are events happening all across the globe –  So, why is IDAHO so important? The answer is frighteningly simple. Today, LGB&T people are still being discriminated against, bullied, beaten and even killed, simply because of who they are.

On a global scale, IDAHO is important because 78 countries and 6 entities still criminalise consensual same sex among adults with sentences ranging from fines to life imprisonment. Among those countries, 5 (as well as parts of Nigeria and Somalia) have legal provisions with the death penalty as punishment.

We want to ensure that people aren’t discriminated against for any reason, and raising awareness of the discrimination that our communities face both here and abroad will result in more people being aware of the challenges and be part of the positive change that we all want to see.

There are lots of ways you can pledge your support to end homophobia.

By bluediamondsociety

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