Sudeep Bahadur Singh takes the lead of Blue Diamond Society


Sudeep Bahadur Singh takes the lead of Blue Diamond Society. Blue Diamond Society is the organization working for the rights of sexual and gender minorities appointed Sudeep Bahadur Singh as Executive Director after the resignation of former Executive Director, Sunil Babu Pant. On Thursday, he has been appointed in the position. In a program organized to welcome him in the organization and a small introductory program with employee, he assured to put a floor on the base made by former Executive Director Sunil Babu Pant.
To uphold or to take LGBTI movement forward and more effective in the days to come, he always seek or need support of all employee and described that he will try his best to reach the goal of the organization. At the same time, he said he will spent or use his expertise working with other national and international organization during his working time in BDS. On the occasion employees shared that the former Executive Director Sunil Babu Pant had played the role guardian and expected similar kind of care and support from newly appointed Director as well.
Employee requested Sunil Babu Pant not to leave organization at any cost although he resigned from his position. As in answer he said, BDS is similar like a child for him, he gave birth to the organization so he ensure that he will never let himself go far from the organization. He will always be with the movement. He informed that in the days to come he will be more active in political and legal matter to improve political and legal situation of community.
In a jokey way, former Executive Director explain BDS as an organization which is organized but messy to newly appointed Executive Director Sudeep Bahadur Singh, further he added it a challenging job to hold the position in the organization.

By bluediamondsociety

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