First gender-neutral public toilet launched in Nepal – नेपाल मै पहिलो सौचालय: तेस्रो लिङ्गि र अन्यका लागि

Sunil B. Pant

First gender-neutral public toilet launched in Nepal:

Nepal’s openly-gay former MP, Sunil Babu Pant, has used his Parliamentary Development Fund money to build the country’s first gender-neutral all-access public toiled in the bustling Western city of Nepalgunj. Local transgender, third gender, and gender-variant (other) citizens are thrilled that they can now access safe, sanitary toilet facilities; local officials are encourage that violence and discrimination against the LGBTI population in the area will decrease with this safe, encouraging, and symbolic public space open. The toilet was constructed with the support from Parliamentary Development Fund, which is given to each MP each year. (The public toilet will be unveiled on March 27 at 1PM in Bageshoweri Park, Nepalgunj)

नेपाल मै पहिलो सौचालय: तेस्रो लिङ्गि र अन्यका लागि:

सभासद सुनिल बाबु पन्तको संसद बिकास कोषको रकम मद्धे केहि रकमवाट नेपालमै पहिलो सौचालय: तेस्रो लिङ्गि वा “महिला वा पुरुष” भन्दा अन्य पहिचान भएका समूदायका लागि नेपालगञ्ज सहरको केन्द्र, बागेश्वरी पार्क, वउा नं. ३ मा, नगर पालिकाको अनुमति-सहयोगमा निर्माण कार्य पुरा भइसकेको छ। यस समलिङ्गि, तेस्रो लिङ्गि वा “अन्य” समूदायका लागि निर्मित सौचालयको विधिबत उदघाटन मा. सुनिल बाबु पन्त द्वारा यहि मंगलबार, १४ गते चैत्र २०६८ का दिन दिनको १ बजे हुने तय भएको छ, सथान: नेपालगञ्ज, बागेश्वरी पार्क, वउा नं. ३

मा. सुनिल बाबु पन्तले, सिप मूलक तालिम (बेकरि, दालमोट, मोटरसाइकल मर्मत: नेपालगञ्ज तथा काठमाण्डौ), सुधारिएको चुलो (गोरखा), सौचालय (परिवारका लागि, गोरखा), वाटर हारभेष्ट (गोरखा), सडक निर्माण (गोरखा), लगायतका परियोजनामा समेत संसद बिकास कोषको रकम सदुपयोग गरेका छन्।

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Blue Diamond Society Director Encourages Facebook to Celebrate Diversity

Sunil B. Pant

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Inc.

1 Hacker Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

My name is Sunil Babu Pant. I am the founder and director of Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s first LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) rights organization.

In just eleven years, Blue Diamond Society has achieved incredible success advocating for the rights of LGBTI people. This is due, in part, to the fact that Nepal is a country that celebrates diversity, and, in part, to the bravery and tenacity of Blue Diamond Society staff and volunteers.

In 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal responded positively to a case Blue Diamond Society brought before it. We asked the Court to find that LGBTI people are equal, and that gender identity should be based only on self-identification. They decided positively on both counts – and now we are working to implement the policies.

I write today as an avid user and admirer of Facebook. Your product has revolutionized the way we communicate and express ourselves around the world. It has brought communities together which were otherwise thousands of miles apart, and resulted in collaboration and partnerships which have improved the world.

However people who do not identify as male or female continue to be sidelined by Facebook’s options. As you allow users to identify only as male or female, many in the LGBTI community feel as if they are hidden on the site, unable to identify as their true selves.

In Nepal, we have been working with the government to improve this identity-based access to documentation and civic participation. The Government of Nepal is working to implement a third gender option, labeled “other,” on all official forms and registers.

I encourage you to do the same, for the sake of respect for gender-variant people around the world who want to socialize, organize, and be a part of your 21st century internet revolution. I encourage Facebook to celebrate diversity.

Please let me know if I can help in the process.

Kind regards,

Sunil B. Pant

Executive Director

Blue Diamond Society

Makwanpur BDS Dance Program Successful, Dozens of LGBTIs Come Out Publicly – मकवानपुरको नील हिरा समाज कार्यक्रम सफल भयो

Local media coverage boasts about a wildly successful Blue Diamond Society dance program featuring brave local members of the LGBTI community who came on stage at the end – their first time coming out publicly.

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